Shipping and Logistics


In today's world of global business, logistics play an ever-increasing role in the cost of your projects, both in time and money. This is why 84 International Division has taken the extra steps necessary to take that burden off your shoulders.

We have set up an excellent network of freight forwarders, banks, and distribution centers located across the U.S. We also use the latest technology in figuring loads for our containers, so that your product arrives on time and intact.


With nearly 300 stores nationwide, and several located near all the major coastal shipping ports in the United States, 84 Lumber is capable of filling orders and shipping them to all reaches of the globe. Whether you're shipping from the East, West, or Gulf Coasts, 84 Lumber can meet your distribution demands. With thousands of items in stock and ready for purchase, 84 Lumber can fill your order quickly. This reduces the ordering and shipping time to ensure that you receive your materials as quickly as possible.